Vedic astrology house of education

Journalism, Acting, Accountancy, Trade and Commerce, Book-keeping, Astrology and all types of communication-related subjects come under the domain of Mercury. They will give results in connection with other planets more prominently. They will acutely exaggerate the karakatwa of other planets when conjunct with them.

Link Between Vedic Astrology And Education

The horoscope belongs to a very successful lawyer having a roaring practice since few decades. He is also a very good astrologer who studied astrology from a very reputed institute in India.

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Look at the 5th lord venus in rashi of jupiter and aspected by Jupiter, 5th house in horoscope is also aspected by jupiter. Exalted saturn in 5th house from lagna and its aspect on 5th lord combined with jupiter is clearly indicating law.

It is always better to check your horoscope in order to identify innate abilities and natural aptitudes at an early stage of life as it gives a scope for optimum development by making the right choices. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Choose right education stream through astrology. Published by astrologerashish at November 9, Categories Uncategorized. Tags choose correct education stream by astrology choose correct education stream through astrology choose right education stream through astrology education astrology education astrology predictions education stream after 10th and 12th education subjects and astrology higher education yoga in astrology how to choose education stream through astrology how to judge education from horoscope how to know about education through astrology planets and education subjects related to jupiter subjects related to ketu subjects related to mars subjects related to mercury subjects related to moon subjects related to rahu subjects related to saturn subjects related to sun subjects related to venus.

Vedic Astrology and Education

Choose right Education stream through astrology Subjects related to Planet sun Mathematics, Metaphysics, knowledge of medicines, Ayurveda, Statistics, Astronomy, and studies related to politics come under the domain of sun. Subjects related to Planet Moon Knowledge of fine arts, poetry, music, dance, Psychology, psychiatry, herbs, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy come under the domain of the moon.

Subjects related to Planet Mars All types of Engineering, manufacturing, Logic related studies, Construction, etc come under the domain of Mars. Subjects related to Planet Mercury Journalism, Acting, Accountancy, Trade and Commerce, Book-keeping, Astrology and all types of communication-related subjects come under the domain of Mercury. How to Choose right education stream through astrology Identify the planets influencing the 5th house and 5th lord which will help in finding the aptitude of children. Identify the planets influencing 2nd house, 4th house and 9th house and lords of the horoscope this will give an idea about the certain pattern and the level of education one can accomplish.

Identify the planets connected to 10th house or lord to check if jataka has any special skills required for professional success. Check which is the strongest planet among those influencing the 5th house and strength of 5th lord. Check dasha pattern to see if dasha is supporting such talents during years of education.

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  • Nature of signs and nakshatras also give clues about stream of education. What is the recipe for a Happy, Prosperous and a Content Life?

    Engineering education in astrology - Encyclopedia of Astrology - Zodiopedia

    It is said that education is the stepping stone and the main spice in the broth of life that keeps every other aspect and dimension of life balanced perfectly. In the wise words of Mr. This is only possible by the in-depth horoscope reading of the native that can reveal the nature, level, and quality of education will the child pursue and the field of career that the child will be good at.

    Having information about the career that will be beneficial for the child can also help the parents to pre-plan their education background in such a way that supports their future career.

    But for knowing the level of higher education to be pursued by the native the First House House of Ascendant, Character, and Personality and the Ninth House House of Fortune are also brought into consideration. Various factors such as the Lords of the above-mentioned Houses and their bad aspects; other issues such as what is the degree, whether or not the planet is moving in a retrograde motion or is debilitated; all come into a role play when considering the kind and the quality of education that will be pursued by the native in future.

    The Divine Science:

    And all of this can only be explored by a deep analysis of the Kundali or horoscope of the native. One also has to keep in mind that one chooses an education stream that further becomes helpful and beneficial for the native when it is time to choose a career path they might have planned for them in near future.

    The placement of the First House House of Ascendant, Character and Personality , Fifth House House of Intelligence, Gain and Education or Study and the Ninth House House of Fortune should be considered before planning ahead in order to check the quality malefic or benefic of the placement of the planets. If the Lord of the Fifth House is Mercury and it is strongly placed then the student or native will be good with calculation and will have an expertise in the subjects such as Mathematics.

    Therefore, he or she may choose a career that has a strong connection to calculation and computation.