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Venus enters Libra on the 14th, a good time to strengthen the bonds of love that connect you to your partner or others who are dear to you. The Full Moon is in Pisces on the 13th. This could bring a personal need to the fore. Saturn goes direct on the 18th. A good time to set new or more specific goals.

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Pluto goes direct on the 3rd in Capricorn. Mars travels across Libra throughout the month. Your attention will focus on career, sharing, or intimacy.

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Power or sexuality might become important. Jupiter in Sagittarius lends favor as you pursue your personal or business interests.

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You can get new fresh perspectives as Sun moves through Scorpio between October 23rd and November 21st. The New Moon in Scorpio can leave you moody, so remember whatever else to remain calm. Sun and retrograde Mercury in your 9th house at around the same time, means your beliefs and education will be especially important this month. After the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, your work satisfaction should improve.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th will lend a mood of optimism. Jupiter enters Capricorn on the second.

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What that means for you is the beginning of a wonderful new phase of life as Jupiter enters your solar house of hopes and goals. The Sun in Sagittarius compounds the feelings of optimism.

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  • Mercury enters the same sign on the 9th. The Gemini Full Moon on the 12th can motivate you to decorate your house for the holidays and to entertain friends, relatives, and loved ones. The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th suggests that you will probably change your priorities in Your personal and professional goals and social connections are the emphases for the first three weeks of January. The Sun will be in your 11th solar house at that time. Mercury is in the same part of the sky until the 15th. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are there all month and beyond.

    Spend some time doing things you enjoy alone. Where Jupiter and Saturn combine their energies in the same sector, you can find balance. The Full Moon in Leo on the 9th is good for your health. It might inspire you to go on a diet, exercise regularly, or quit a harmful habit. Check out our top experts! See more. Your request is being dealt with, we will contact you shortly.

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    First name. Yearly predictions ratings:. Pisces Pisces love horoscope Pisces career horoscope:. Pisces compatibility in Best month:. Worst month:. What's in store for Pisces? Astrology rating:. A positive month.

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    Mercury retrograde will complicate things. Love is in the air! Take a break! Think about what you want. March goes out like a lion — exciting, glamorous and thrillingly unpredictable. Your romantic achievements will boost you right into April, when those in lasting relationships will feel ready to tackle big joint projects and deeper commitments. Keep the spotlight on you and light up your own life by steadily pursuing your desires. Your focus changes from the social to the spiritual on May 23rd. By the 21st, energies are flowing smoothly and you see your way into a happier state.

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    • July is sweet and romantic, filled with a surprising gentleness and comforting sensitivity. Your sweetie may have plenty to get off their chest: Listen, learn and cooperate as well as you can. Halloween should start the social season off with a roar, and singles should expect romance from a surprising, exotic sector.

      Let others plan the big holiday events while you sit back and hold hands with your honey. The last weeks of the year contain more beginnings than endings. Enter January in the black with a long list of glowing testimonials. Any mistakes made through the 21st just add to your reservoir of experience. Hardheaded practicality feeds your success after March 7th. Even dreamers like you can be experts in their fields. Leaders and administrators become objects of personality cults as April begins. Maybe you should take a vacation before it all hits the fan late in May.

      Image is everything after June 22nd. By the 29th, your fascination with appearance goes beyond the superficial; public perception is critical. You could spend the next few weeks fighting or defending this.

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