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Is it so. I am feeling blessed to listening V. An Ocean of wisdom. What a great piece of work. Mera question is that aspects of natural malefic sun saturan Mars is always bad except they are looking there own house. Does aspects has strength or not. And benefic planets jupiter and venus strength is always good.

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Significations of planet: As karaka. As bhavadhipati As conjunct with other Planets Due to placement in bhava Due to aspect received. Sunil ji.. Great Sir..

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Guru dev ji ka bahut bahut abhar Respected Goelji , Thank You! Combust planets may indicate the pending karma from past life times. We may need to understand the karma related to the combusted planets n in which house n in which sign they are combust needs to be focused in the present life time to pay off pending karma may be.

Sir, Plz plz make a detailed video on retrogration. I have 3 planets retrograde other than Rahu Ketu. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn. Also sir, I just checked my sister's horoscope where Mercury is combust and retrograde in gemini in 12 the house. But her maternal side my maternal uncle's are all very well off.

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She is no doubt very intelligent, but the other part is not true. Is there something else we have to see here. Sun is with Rahu in first house, cancer lagna. Amazing and beautiful video! Cleared so many doubts. Plz make many more videos of Goel sir!

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  7. Astrology Videos: Secrets of Ascendants in Vedic Astrology by Sunil - with Kapiel Raaj - E.
  8. He is a real gem!! Nobody cleared the basics so simply. Astrology is simple. But we all are so fond of fancy complicated yoga's and all that we miss out what the simple language tells, and we actually need just that.. Many many thanks again to Saptariahi channel. Heart felt namaste!!

    Very knowledgeful lecture by goel sir. Hats off to him and thanx for saptarishis astrology team. Hope for the next video regarding feature and effects of retrograde planets.. Thank you Saptrishi astrology team and respected Goelji for this excellent video. I wanted to know if Bhav Chalit kundili is a part of Parashari astrology. Please enlighten your readers. I have watched many videos by Saptrishi astrology but have not been able to find one explaining the use and significance of Bhav Chalit kundili. I wish I could tough the feet of Goel sir one day.

    Goel Sir, you are the real Guru. My daughter is of Sagittarius Lagan having Jupiter in twelve in Scorpio with moon but she is having bad relationship with me whereas as per your prediction she should care me like children. Goel - Astrology Basics.

    The Magic Packet Remedy In Astrology

    Fundamentals of Astrology Simplified By Shri. Saptarishis Astrology Magazine. Amit Madaan Absolutely correct sir. Pls upload retrograde planets class Thanks to Sunil Sir and especially Goel Sir Rao, Shri A. Sundaram, Smt. Kapoor, Dr. Goel, Dr. Shri Vasant Lad, Smt. We wish to carry the torch of this divine science and the true dignity of it to the next generation. Is Mahavtar Babaji real? Is Babaji still alive and does Babaji carry a human body? How can Mahavtar babaji be alive even after years? Is the Kriya Yoga tha. The Ascendant or Lagna is the most important House, sign and lord in Vedic astrology.

    The Lagna, Navamsha and Dasha are important elements to understand the im.

    Part 1 – Naleen Desai Interview by Saptarishis Astrology – With English Subtitles

    This video describes the famous Rahu Jupiter that is Guru Chandal yoga can also give fame, name and money. A New research by Abhimantrit Sir. One of the main purpose of having a Navamsa Chart along with the Rasi Chart is to find out which star a particular planet occupies in the Rasi Chart. For exampl. Address here!!!

    Peacock Feather Rahu Remedy by Sir Naleen Desai [English Subtitles]

    Sanjay Rath Atri Class Lecture. Every Astrology seeker knows the importance of the D9 or Navamsha Kundli in Vedic astrology, we in this special video bring you the learning from our ancient gu. Saptarishis Astrology presents Shri Kirit Yagnik, who has specialised in Bhrighu Nandi Nadi system of astrology and will be giving small tips on combinations.